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Here you will find updates to a select few plugins that I have come to love! These plugins are no longer supported by the original developer, but I have decided to try to take on the developement of these plugins...

Alinco 3

companyAlinco 3 is a plugin designed for use with Decal for Asheron's Call. This plugin features several enhancements to AC, including view screen enhancements and mob/item identification including epics.

Screenshots and Instructions coming shortly...


Current Release: Alinco3 v2.0.5.6
Release Updated on: 11/25/2012
Updated By: Irquk
Download Link:



If you are having difficulty with Alinco3's loot functions, many of the loot IDs for armor, weapons and skills have been updated. Your previously saved Alinco loot profiles may not work correctly. This can be corrected by by deleting the Alinco3 folder in .../Documents/Decal Plugins/

For up to date minimum/maximum weapon data go to

This Alinco3 update was made possible by Irquk