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Here you will find updates to a select few plugins that I have come to love! These plugins are no longer supported by the original developer, but I have decided to try to take on the developement of these plugins...

Alinco 3 Buffs

companyAlinco 3 Buffs is a plugin designed for use with Decal for Asheron's Call. This plugin makes self buffing as easy as two clicks of your mouse! Tell Alinco 3 Buffs which Creature and Life spells you want to have buffed. Next tell it the Item banes you want cast on your character. Now select your weapon(s) of choice and add them to Alinco 3 Buffs to ensure you never leave home with out a buffed weapon!

Screenshots and Instructions coming shortly...


Current Release: Alinco3Buffs v2.0.0.0
Release Updated on: 3/30/2012
Download Link:


Hotfix Instructions for February 2012 patch:

If you already have Alinco3Buffs 1.x installed, you can use the following download and instructions to update Alinco3Buffs.

Right click the following link and save the xml file to your desktop:


Copy the spelldata.xml file from your desktop into the following location: (This location may be different for you, it is the Alinco 3 Buffs installation location)

C:\Games\Decal Plugins\Alinco3Buffs overwrite the existing file.