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Here you will find updates to a select few plugins that I have come to love! These plugins are no longer supported by the original developer, but I have decided to try to take on the developement of these plugins...

Misc Plugins / Tools

companySpellsToFile is a plugin designed for use with Decal for Asheron's Call. SpellsToFIle was developed by Digero. This plugin features allows you to export a listing of spells that are found in game. The list isn't limited to what players can cast, it will provide you with a complete list of spells cast by NPC, Monsters, Players, Etc.


Current Release: SpellsToFile initial release
Release Updated on: 8/14/2012
Download Link:


Instructions for using SpellsToFile:

  • -Download SpellsToFile
  • -Copy it into its own folder (e.g. C:\Games\Decal Plugins\SpellsToFile\)
  • -In Decal, click Add, then Browse... and find the SpellsToFile.dll
  • -Log in once, then log out and uncheck the plugin in Decal
  • -Find the spells.csv file in the folder where you put SpellsToFile.dll