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Alinco 3 Buffs The Alinco 3 / Alinco 3 Buffs plugins for Asheron's Call have been two plugins that I use on a daily basis, but with the February 2012 patch, Alinco 3 Buffs stopped working... Get the Update!
GoArrow GoArrow is virtual GPS navigation for Asheron's Call, a must have for any player's tool kit! Download now!
Knights Reborn When I returned to Asheron's Call in October of 2011, I was with out a Patron and an Monarch... It is with great honor that I can call Knights Reborn home! Find out More!
Misc Projects I was greatly saddened when I found out that was no more. It is a goal of mine to one day have a collection of AC Maps hosted here... Projects

Asheron's Call

Asheron's CallWhat is Ahseron's Call you ask? Well, for those of you who have yet to experience the amazing world of Dereth, let me tell you a few things about Asheron's Call.

Asheron's Call is an online role-playing game, where thousands of players used to inhabit a beautiful 3D fantasy world to make friends and seek out perilous adventures. While there are no longer thousands of players inhabitting the world of Dereth these days and it is not as beautiful looking as some of todays games (it is over 12 years old), it is still enjoyed by hundreds of players across the United States, maybe even the world. In the world of Dereth you can customize your alter ego with a unique appearance and balance of heroic skills, then enter a magical frontier of terrible monsters, breathtaking vistas, and fast alliances. With over 500 square miles that offer ever more wonders to explore, Asheron's Call gives you a world of unparalleled scope and freedom, the richest setting yet for creating your personal saga or joining your friends in an epic campaign.

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Some images from Asheron's Call

Explore the world of Dereth if you dare!


A wallpaper created for the Celebration of 10 years in Dereth! (1999 to 2009)


This is one of the great Mansions found in the world of Dereth! Knights Reborn!


Here lies Stone Fists and his band of Golems inside the Colo Arena!